About Us

Who we are.

Situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Atlantis Biofuels is a producer of high-quality biofuels. In this era of pollution, aims to redirect India’s fuel industry towards the eco-friendly fuel alternatives feasible today. 

What we aim for.

Our mission is to provide trusted biofuels with high standard and efficiency. Not only are these fuels environmentally conscious, but also cost-effective. Our expertise lies in providing biodiesel through our producing units.

What we offer.

 Our advanced products range from Highly Efficient Biodiesel, Lubricants, CNG Catering, etc. for different segments ranging from Four Wheelers, Farm Equipment to Heavy Engineering Vehicles and industrial supply. We also provide Fuel Dispensers, Storage Tanks, etc. for setting up Fuel stations. 

What path did we choose.

 To achieve out goal, our strategy is to build strong client relations, which in-turn would be achieved by providing fast and reliable services at optimum price point.

How does our one-to-one Interaction work?

Our support team has been trained, and is always ready, for assisting all of our clients with all their fuel station related problems, hence strengthening the trustful bonding. And all of this is done based on the on-to-one ideology. 

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