Answer to the frequently asked questions by our customers and clients.

What is bio fuel

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from biomass i.e. vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste oils. Being environment friendly, it’s the fuel for the future. With increasing demands for Bio-Diesel, this is one of the most beneficial long-term investment vehicles.

Can bio diesel be used in gasoline engine

Nope, biodiesel can only run in conventional compression-ignition (diesel) engines!

Can petroleum diesel and biodiesel be interchanged

Yes, they can be used interchangeably and can be used in any proportion with petroleum Diesel. There are no adverse effects.

How is the fuel efficiency of biodiesel compared with petrodiesel

Vehicles running on biodiesel get virtually the same MPG rating as vehicles running on petroleum diesel. Biodiesels have high lubricity, resulting in less friction and hence are more efficient in terms of engine friendliness. They also reduce Carbon emission so, are comparatively more environment friendly. And above all, accounting to their source, they’re easily available and cheaper, compared to conventional fuels. And reports show that vehicles using Biofuels have higher mileage than Petro-Fuels.

Do i need special storage facilities

In general, the standard storage and handling procedures used for petroleum diesel can be used for biodiesel. The fuel should be stored in a clean, dry, dark environment. Acceptable storage tank materials include Aluminum, Mild-Steel, Fluorinated Polyethylene, Fluorinated Polypropylene and Teflon. Copper, Brass, Lead, Tin, and Zinc should be avoided.

Is it approved by Indian Government

Biodiesel is not only approved, but the government also waives taxes off it to encourage masses to use it. Also, some Government vehicles are operating on Biodiesel for more than a year now.

Does biodiesel cost more than other alternative fuels

No. Bio-Diesel is a green form of energy and are cheaper than conventional fuels. Its usage is highly encouraged by the government too, and so are the taxes waived off, reducing the cost further. Use of biodiesel does not require any major engine modifications either.

How much land are will I need to setup the fuel station

A minimum area of 100 × 100 sq. ft. would be required to set up the fuel station.

How much time should I expect for franchise processing

The processing usually takes less than 2 working days to be locked.

Are sprecially trained personnel required for operating the fuel station

All the trainings related to operations of the fuel station will be given by the company appointed trainers.

How much sales can I expect per month

Before setting up the fuel station, we will survey the area to determine the possible sales per month.