Our Products


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from biomass i.e. vegetable oil, animal oil/fats, tallow and waste oils. Being environment friendly, it’s the fuel for the future. With increasing demands for bio diesel, this is one of the most beneficial long-term investment vehicle.

At Atlantis Biofuels, our aim is to turn our organizations towards eco-friendly fuels with our advanced products which are cost effective. Atlantis Biofuel’s Flagship Renewable fuel is a premium fuel with several benefits like:

  • Environment friendly.
  • Readily available.
  • Cheaper than conventional fuels.
  • Increasing demands.


Being able to reduce friction, protecting surfaces from corrosion, depressing heat generated, absorbing particulate matter, preventing sludge accumulation, etc.

Lubricants are largely used engine maintenance essentials. Due to their vitality, the demand for lubricants is not diminishing until the use of conventional/bio-fuels is ceased, and hence, prove to be an excellent product to invest in.

And we provide best in class lubricants for all our clients’ business needs.


MS Storage Tanks

Accounting to large fuel storage requirements, MS Storage tanks are a must when it comes to setting up fuel stations. So we introduce to you another of our excellent product, MS Storage Tanks. To comply with quality standards set by international institutions, we use modern technology and premium class materials to design and develop the tanks. These tanks are scientifically designed, highly durable, require less maintenance and perform outstandingly over time.
Our MS Storage Tanks have a varied storage volume, ranging from 10,000 litre to 1,00,000 litre.

Dispenser Machine

The final requirement for a fuel station, Fuel Dispensers. What any end user expects from a dispenser is 100% accuracy, and what the station owner expects is efficiency, durability and working in all environmental conditions. And the dispensers we supply, fulfil all these purposes perfectly.

Using precise meters and scientifically researched design, the fuel is dispensed safely while displaying it all on the bright LED display panels.

(technical details like what all is displayed, how many digits, units, etc. are included in the pdf seperately)